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Welcome to the Milano Hat Company. We are a family operated business with over 70+ years combined experience in real cowboy hat manufacturing and retailing. Direct daily involvement of the Milano family in the operation of our business ensures that our commitments to style, quality and value are upheld.

Our purpose on this site is to give you a better idea of who we are, what we do, and why we make the best western hats available. Whether you are familiar with our Milano Hat Company product or not, after touring our site, you will know what it takes to make the authentic cowboy hats you see at your local western store.

So, we invite you to visit "Our Story" for more information about us. The "How We Make Hats" pages are a tour of our factory and explain the production processes used to make our high quality felt and straw cowboy hats. The FAQ page answers the questions we are commonly asked about hats in general and our hats in particular. Finally, we include information on Larry Mahan and other folks who wear our real cowboy hats, and some of the ways we get involved in our community.

We're glad you dropped by and hope you enjoy our site.

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Milano Hat Company Hat Blog

New from the 2010 Larry Mahan Hat Collection is the new style 10X Alvin N straw cowboy hat. This hat features a new hand woven all around vent pattern in a 2 x 2 Shantung hat body and is trimmed with a genuine leather by hand fitted sweatband. The outside band is a genuine leather hand embossed leather band with saddle stitch and 3-piece gold and silver buckle set. The 10X Alvin N hat has a 4” brim, Roughstock flange and features our Low Cattleman crease crown. This hat is proudly hand made here in Texas, USA.

New from the 2010 Larry Mahan Hat Collection is the new style 10X Brazos. This cowboy hat features a new hand woven all around vent pattern in our standard 2x2 hand woven Shantung hat body. The hat features a genuine leather sweatband. The hat is also trimmed with a genuine leather hat band that has a genuine horsehair overlay and a 3-piece buckle set. The cowboy hat pictured has a 4” brim and a Roughstock flange with a Low Cattleman crease crown shape. This hat is proudly made by hand here in Garland, Texas USA.

We have just released our new Larry Mahan 2010 straw Cowboy Hat catalog. We have 15 new styles with qualities ranging from a high quality Palm Leaf cowboy cowboy hat made in Mexico to high quality straw hat made in the USA. All of our store buyers have a wide selection of hat shapes, qualities & trim packages that give our dealers a nearly unlimited combination of hats.

This classic style cowboy hat, part of our Larry Mahan Hat Collection, is a 500X Milano Especial in our color “Belly”. It is made from 100% Beaver fur felt that is finished to Milano Hat Company's high quality standards. This genuine cowboy hat has a 4” brim in a Cattleman crease and is trimmed inside with a genuine leather sweatband, full satin lining with a color photograph of Larry Mahan astride one of his 100+ horses on his Texas ranch. The outside of this hat is trimmed with a matching color 100% Beaver felt band that has a jewelry quality 3-piece gold and silver buckle set with red stones. This hat is individually boxed in our exclusive Milano Hat Company, Larry Mahan Hat Collection octagon box with Larry Mahan on the lid and some of his horses running around the outside of the box. The style of this cowboy hat is #MF7065. Any Larry Mahan hat dealer can order it for you in this color, black or natural in any size. All of our 100% Beaver hats are special because they are not common. Because Beaver is a very durable raw material, with reasonable care this hat may very well survive you and still be in great shape. And we wish you a very long life! For a lot of the people that have bought one of these hats, it is the cornerstone of their Larry Mahan hat collection.

This classic style straw cowboy hat is part of our Larry Mahan Hat Collection. The style number is MSI465 and the style name is 5000X El Tesoro. This cowboy hat is hand woven, using a 2 X 2 solid weave made from the finest 2 Bu Shantung (man made) fibers. This hat is finished to Milano Hat Company high quality standards and has a Cattleman crease with a 3 ½” Rancher brim shape. The hat is trimmed with a genuine Ostrich band and has a gold and silver 3-piece buckle set that has a red stone inlay. The inside is trimmed with a full satin lining that has a four color photo of Larry Mahan. The sweat band is a 100% genuine 2” white leather sweat with gold foil stamp and comes individually packed in our new Larry Mahan four color octagon shaped box. Any Larry Mahan hat dealer can order this hat for you in any size.

Milano Hat Company is introducing a new Classic Collection of western felt hats. Milano Hat Company has been the standard of quality western hats made in the USA since 1983. One of the new hats in the Classic Collection is the Tombstone. This hat has a hand creased crown and a hand rolled brim. The hat is trimmed with a genuine leather band that has silver Conchos. The Classic Collection is individually boxed and is available through our network of western retailers across the USA.










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