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The Milano Hat Company Story

John Milano founded the Milano Hat Company, Inc. in April 1983, after 28 years in the hat business. We immediately began manufacturing and marketing felt and straw Western hats, as well as marketing imported caps. From our very first day of operation, we have adhered only to the highest quality standards Mr. Milano learned over the years from the hatters he worked with.

In July 1984, Milano Hat Company entered into a licensing agreement with Larry Mahan to market Western hats under the Larry Mahan's® Hat Collection by Milano Hat Company trademark. In 1990 Milano Hat Company introduced Justin Authentic Headwear®.

No details escape us, or seem too small. We use only genuine leather sweatbands in the hats we make at our factory in Garland, Texas. We perforate most of the straw hat leathers for added comfort. To ensure the consistent fit and comfort at all price points, we ask our leather suppliers to buff the reverse side of the leathers we use in our less-expensive hats for the best possible feel.

All Milano hats have gained recognition in the marketplace because of their superior fit and finish, exclusive bodies and weave patterns, special finishes, and trimmings. Milano fur-felt hats, which re-entered the market in 1992, have earned great popularity again, because of their superior fit and finish. We have extended our commitment to the highest quality standards to our felt lines.

All of us at Milano Hat Company, Inc. wish to express our gratitude to the many customers who have made our success possible. As we move forward into our third decade, we plan to continue growing. In July of 2004 we were purchased by Dorfman Pacific of Stockton, California. Milano Hat Company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Dorfman Pacific. With the acquisition by Dorfman Pacific, it has given Milano Hat Company resources that have allowed us to grow. In February 2006 we moved into our new, 63,000 square foot building which serves as our headquarters in Garland.

Even in the face of our dramatic success, we will continue to grow gradually enough to maintain our strict quality-control standards. With the Milano family so intimately involved in the day-to-day running of the company, we can assure our customers continuity in styling, manufacturing, customer service, and quality control for many years to come.
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